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Regular dental prophylaxis for healthy teeth

Dental hygiene

At the Alpstein Clinic, we offer dental hygiene advice and important measures to protect and maintain healthy teeth.

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Prevention is better than cure!

Optimal care in the mouth and dental area is an important cornerstone of whole-body medicine and holistic dentistry. Regular check-ups are important to ensure that no unnecessary “construction sites” can develop. It is often forgotten that our digestion also begins in the mouth area. For example, severe gum or periodontal disease can weaken gastrointestinal health and lead to chronic intestinal inflammation. This is also true the other way around; chronic gastrointestinal disease can cause inflammation in the oral cavity. No dental filling, dental prosthesis, dental implant or denture is as resilient and resistant as the patient’s own healthy tooth. Dental prophylaxis begins with the first milk tooth, because the milk teeth are, among other things, placeholders for the following permanent teeth. Take preventive measures to preserve your own teeth as long as possible – through regular professional tooth cleaning and, of course, through thorough daily cleaning at home.

Teeth and gums

A healthy mouth is teeming with bacteria – around 10 million per milliliter of saliva. Most of these bacteria are harmless and are important for our immune system.

The harmful minority is normally kept under control by other bacteria and our defenses. However, the harmful bacteria can become dangerous for teeth and gums if they multiply excessively or if a solid plaque forms on the teeth. In the case of inflammation, the gums are red and swollen and bleed very quickly. In the long term, bleeding gums can progress to periodontitis (jawbone atrophy). This causes the tooth to lose its retaining element.  Periodontal disease is often considered the main cause of tooth loss in people over 40. Heavy smokers and immunocompromised people as well as diabetics have an increased risk of developing periodontitis. Professional teeth cleaning The trained prophylaxis assistant removes plaque and tartar gently and carefully. Dental prophylaxis focuses not only on cleaning the teeth, but also on educating patients on topics such as nutrition and instructing them on various oral hygiene items. Regular professional teeth cleaning is one of the most important measures to protect and maintain healthy teeth and to detect caries at an early stage. Caries (also tooth decay) is favored by bacteria in the oral flora. Milk teeth are particularly susceptible to caries.